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BAB A6, underpass of one agricultural road

The Challenge

The existing concrete structures must be removed and renewed with moving traffic. For that purpose one Hamco-corrugated-steel-structure was assembled one-sided and pulled through the concrete structures step-by-step.

Afterwards the backfilling in layers with a cement suspension into the cross-section difference took place till the underside of the superstructure. Now, after the traffic diversion, the superstructures could be removed, the corrugated steel structure could be covered completely and the new pavement for the BAB A6 could be built.

  • profile: WB 12
  • corrugation: 200 mm x 55 mm
  • span: 5,57 m
  • height: 4,32 m
  • length: 45,00 m
  • plate thickness: 5,00 mm
  • corrosion protection: hot galvanizing plus coating