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Corrugated steel products 

Catalogue in both English and German outlining our application areas

Catalogue outlining MultiPlate products, specifications, applications and profiles

Catalogue outlining MP and LP products, specifications, applications and profiles

Catalogue outlining SuperCor solution, specifications, applications and profiles

Catalogue outlining HelCor products, specifications and applications 

DWG catalogue with the available cross-sections

Technical reports

Animal-crossing bridges with corrugated steel bridges

Flood water report
Inspection of corrugated steel bridges in the zone of influence of the hundred year flood, Augugst 2002 (only german)

Economic inliner-procedure without taking influence of the traffic

Report assembly in works
ViaCon Hamco – corrugated steel bridges
– even more economic and efficient with assembly in works


Discharge diagram for HAMCO-corrugated steel products. The following diagrams serve as a hydraulic dimensioning for Hamco- corrugated steel products. The calculation basis for the following diagrams is the Maninng-Strickler-method.

  • Flat pipe arch profiles: MA // MB
  • Circle profiles: KR
  • Arc profiles: KB
  • Superspan arc profiles: SB
  • Hamco MP200plus® Boxprofiles: BP
  • HelCor® Profiles: H