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DB Netz AG, Leipzig: Reconstruction of railway underpass km 23,935 Section Biederitz-Trebnitz

The Challenge

The structure to be rehabilitated is a brick vault underpass below the railway line Briederitz-Trebnitz. To fully utilize the cross-section of the old vault, a MultiPlate standard profile was chosen. By means of cable winches the profile was pulled into the existing vault step by step. Square timbers laid out in the vault underpass served for sliding rails during the pull-in process. After the profile was completely pulled-in the remaining space between old and new structure was filled with insulating material to obtain frictional connection and thus guarantee strength. Rehabilitation of the ramshackled structure was executed without interfering the railway traffic running above.

  • Profile UF 3
  • Corrugation 200mm x 55mm
  • Span width 2,89m
  • Rise 2,54m
  • Length 31,10m
  • Plate thickness 5,50mm
  • Corrosion protection Hot-dip galvanizing plus plastic coating