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Rehabilitation of the railroad bridge over the Sendelbach

The Challenge

The existing arched bridge had to be rehabilitated under railroad traffic. Here one corrugated steel arch profile was chosen after the examination of several variations and existence of the UiG and ZiE. The corrugated steel structure was assembled step-by-step in front of the existing arched bridge and moved into on special bar guides within the strip footings.

Afterwards the cross-section-deviation was backfilled in layers with a appropriate concrete. Now, all loads from the roadbed and the railroad traffic could be carried from the Hamco corrugated steel structure

  • Profil MB 13
  • Corrugation 200mm x 55mm
  • Span 5,67m
  • Height 3,45m
  • Length 22,00m
  • Plate thickness 5,50mm/7,00mm
  • Corrosion protection Hot-dip galvanizing plus coating