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Elsflether Sand

NLWKN Brake – Reconstruction of a culvert on Elsflether Sand/Weser.

The Challenge

This structure serves for the regulation of water on the Weser Island. The combination of corrugated, curved and corrosion-protected steel parts with components made of HDPE enables operations like this. The inlet and outlet of the corrugated steel pipe are provided with factory-welded, reinforced and also corrosion-protected steel aprons, to which a back-flow gate and a double overflow valve are welded.The double overflow valve provided with four non-rising stainless steel spindles serves for the regulation of the water level with ebb tide.

  • Profile PK 3
  • Corrugation 152,4mm x 22mm
  • Span width 1,09m
  • Height 1,09m
  • Length 25,00m
  • Plate thickness 3,00mm
  • Corrosion protection Hot-dip galvanizing plus coating