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Fast emergency aid and preventive flood control measures

Fast emergency aid and flood control measures with corrugated steel and watertank solutions from the ViaCon Group!

Actual we have the following corrugated steel pipes on stock and can delivery these immediately.

DN 800:   21,33m (grid length 0,61m)
DN 1000: 30,45m (grid length 0,61m)
DN 1200: 14,62m (grid length 0,61m)
DN 1500: 50,62m (grid length 1,22m)
DN 1800: 42,08m (grid length 1,22m)
DN 2000: 30,50m (grid length 1,22m)

Standard length is 6,10m for one pipe but can be adapted into the desired length under consideration of a multiple of the above mentioned grid length.


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