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SBA Schwerin – Project: Basic Reinstatement of Federal Highway 19 – Bridge of Zarnowbach near Prisannewitz

The task of this project was the redevelopment of an alkali-damaged polygon structure beneath the Federal Highway 19 with a suitable HAMCO MultiPlate profile.

The Challenge

The 70ton-heavy structure was a HAMCO low-profile arch (SuperSpan), which had to be pulled into the existing structure step by step.
For this procedure special attention had to be paid to the footpoint of the arch structure and the concrete footing, which considerably supported the retraction of such a structure.
Afterwards the gap was filled with concrete section by section.
The redevelopment of the damaged strcuture was carried out without interference of the running traffic above.

  • Profile SSB 20
  • Coorugation 200mm x 55mm
  • Span 9,29m
  • Rise 2,99m
  • Length 68,00m
  • Plate thickness 7,00mm
  • Height of cover 5,50m
  • Corrosion Protection Hot-dip galvanizing plus coating