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Retention tanks are made of spiral corrugated pipes HelCor.

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A heavy downpour can be devastating if the stormwater management is not well thought out and properly dimensioned. ViaCon has a wide range of both standard and specially adapted solutions for stormwater management


The traditional stone coffin is being replaced by modern construction solutions that require less space but have a higher capacity. We manufacture watertan in four different materials, for maximum function in prevailing circumstances and requirements.


ViaCon’s system is excellent for installation in all environments such as parking spaces, warehouses, shopping centers, logistics centers, but are also smaller solutions adapted for small areas such as city squares, parks, streets and roads.

The system demands less space and is more economical than other classic solutions

Other uses for our watertanks:

  • Waste water tank
  •  Fire water tank
  • Process water Tanks (pH in the range 3-12)
  • Sedimentation tank

Design features:

Diameters up to 3,6m and high capacity in a wide range of cover depth make the system perfect for solving the problem of rain water disposal in high developed areas.

Our products are low weight hence easy to ship and install

Minimal equipment and labour requirements

Thanks to own production can we customise our products to fit your needs

Our products last over 100 years

Materials tested in the nordic climate and meet the necessary requirements

By taking care of the water in the right way, it can be used again


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We have many years of experience and a broad technical knowledge within ViaCon – something we are happy to share.

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We help you be more eco-friendly with our innovative design.