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SuperCor® is sold in Germany exclusively by Hamco®! This product is an addition to the already existing, large program of corrugated steel products. SuperCor structures are flexible, strong and made of prefabricated steel parts. 

The combination of light weight construction and highest strength respectively stiffness as well as the high service life caused by the corrosion protection make SuperCor® to an economic construction method like all of the other Hamco® corrugated steel products. 

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SuperCor® structures are designed for all road and railway

SuperCor® structures with corrugation 380x140mm are the new generation of flexible structures.
he beginning of SuperCor® dates back to the middle of the 1980’s. Nowadays they have been used in many countries all over the world. SuperCor® structures are used for building engineered structures with spans that can reach 25m. 

Technical specifications:
corrugation: 381 mm x 140 mm
span range: 6,00 m – 25,00 m

Application areas:

Animal crossings
Underpasses for vehicles and railway
Box-profiles for bridges with low construction heights

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Features and benefits

Fewer details and calculations for application

Possibility of assembling structures without traffic stops 

Cheap and easy to transport to remote areas 

Light steel shell and natural backfilling 

Minimal equipment and labour requirements

Possibility to assemble in temperatures below zero


Catalogue outlining SuperCor solution, specifications, applications and profiles

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The newst generation of flexible steel structures.


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