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German highway no. 6 – Sinsheim-Steinsfurt, junction Sinsheim-Süd

The Challenge

In the course of the construction of the highway junction Sinsheim-Süd and the football stadium ‚Rhein-Neckar-Arena’ two HAMCO MultiPlate pipes arches were used as pedes-trian underpasses.

They serve to pass the crowds under a frequently used road with any risks. The backfilling was made with an approved soil-binder-mixture (hydrophobia cement).

  • Profile MB 20
  • Corrugation 200 mm x 55 mm
  • Span 6,95 m
  • Rise 3,95 m
  • Length 35,00 + 33,00 m
  • Plate thickness 6,25 mm
  • Corrosion protection Hot-dip galvanizing plus coating