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Substitute building L 202 – Kleinbahneinschnitt Ratzeburg

The Challenge

The task of this project was the installation of a Hamco underpass profile below a still existing viaduct bridge. The existence of the viaduct bridge and other local conditions caused a great challenge to the assembly. The plates had to be lifted and to be maneuvered into the deep trench.

During the first section of the assembly the bottom of a 11 m long part had to be pulled between the posts of the viaduct bridge with help of wooden rails. After positioning of the bottom part the backfilling was made because of stabilization reasons.

After that the top was installed and the remaining 33 m long structure was erected by the conventional assembly method. The assembly of the structure, which serves as underpass for a creek and service road, took three weeks.

  • Profile WA 35
  • Corrugation 200 mm x 55 mm
  • Span 9,29 m
  • Rise 8,19 m
  • Length 44,00 m
  • Plate thickness 7,00 mm
  • Corrosion protection hot-dip galvanizing plus coating