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The corrugation 200 x 55 mm was engineered from Dr.-Ing. D. Glock in the year 1979 and is the most commonly used corrugation for Multiplate constructions. With this corrugation the largest application area for corrugated steel buildings is covered.

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MultiPlate structures are designed for all road and railway

Well-designed and built in accordance with the technological regime, the bridges or culverts do not require specific maintenance.

MultiPlate structures are designed for all road and railway live load classes as well as under the load of special vehicles. The 100 durability can be achieved by properly design corrosion protection coatings based on environmental conditions.

Usage areas:

Culverts, bridges and tunnels
Animal crossings
Pedestrian and bike crossings
Hangars, warehouse and silo
Reinforcement and reconstruction of existing structures

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Features and benefits

Fewer details and calculation for application 

Light steel shell and natural backfilling create environment friendly solution

Reduction in total time and cost of building a bridge or culvert 

Inexpensive and easy to transport to remote areas 

Minimal equipment and labour requirements

Possibility to assemble in temperatures below zero


MP200 profiles

Catalouge with profiles and technical informations

MultiPlate MP200 product catalogue (English)

Product catalogue in English


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