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City of Meldorf – Reconstruction Culvert structure Südermiele/OttoNietsch-Weg

The Challenge

The city of Meldorf (TEG Nord mbH) placed a contract to Hamco Dinslaken Bausysteme GmbH to replace the bridge structure at the Otto-Nietsch-Weg, delapidated with the years, with HAMCO corrugated steel pipe. First of all the water of the Südermiele had to be impounded with the aid of sheet piling. The impounded water was directed through a by-pass pipe around the dried up trench. The HAMCO corrugated steel pipe – approx. 22m long and 20 t heavy – was completely assembled outside the trench and afterwards placed into the prepared trench with a 160t mobile crane. Dewatering was finalized only after backfilling of the sturcture. Now the passage of water through the new structure as well as the traffic crossing above could be opened.

  • Profil MB 13
  • Corrugation 200mm x 55mm
  • Span 5,67m
  • Height 3,45m
  • Length 22,00m
  • Plate thickness 5,50mm/7,00mm
  • Corrosion protection Hot-dip galvanizing plus coating