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Rehabilitation of the “Alsbach”-canalization in Marpingen

The Challenge

A non corrosion-protected structure made from steel elements (external product) had to be rehabilitated in Marpingen. Due to the fact that the construction site is located under non-lockable traffic infrastructure, only a rehabilitation with an inliner was under consideration.

Therefore our product LinerPlate 2-flange was chosen, which could be assembled completely inside the existing structure and allowed special cases such as limited accessibility, assembly around one suspended pipe, sidedlong inlets, manholes etc.

The realization started 2007 with an immediate measure of 10,00m length and was continued 2014 in the first stage with 70,40m length. 2015 the second stage with 85,40m length was completed and the rehabilitation of the “Alsbach”-canalization was finished. The cross-section-difference was filled within all construction stages, so the Hamco LinerPlate profile could take over the loads.

  • profile: STB 36
  • LinerPlate: 2-flange
  • span: 4,13 m
  • height: 1,72 m
  • length: 165,80 m
  • plate thickness: 4,00 mm
  • corrosion protection : hot galvanization plus coating