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Luneplate Bremerhaven

Industrial park Luneort

The Challenge

The task of this project was the development of an area for the use by wind energy equipment manufacturer with a Hamco MultiPlate flat pipe arch profile. The three-day assembly took place in a sheet pile box which was stiffened with cross beams.

In respect of the ecological patency the corrugated steel building was provided with big double-sided concrete benches which compose a constructive connection with the pre-assembled stone bolt rows. The cross-angled bevel cuts received factory-made steel cover for cut ends.

  • Profile: MA 10
  • Corrugation: 200 mm x 55 mm
  • Span: 4,11 m
  • Rise: 2,57 m
  • Length: 29,90 m
  • Plate thickness: 4,00 mm
  • Corrosion protection: hot-dip galvanizing plus coating