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The history of corrugated steel pipes dates back to 1896, when its production was started in the United States. The first helically corrugated steel pipes were also produced at that time in Russia, where 1300 m of this product was used as culverts under the railway lines.

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The HelCor® pipes are designed for all road and railway live load classes as well as under the load of special vehicles. The 100 durability can be achieved by properly design corrosion protection coatings based on environmental conditions. The HelCor® pipes could be design just as continuously hot-dip galvanized and as an option with an additional 300 μm polymer film (TrenchcoatTM or W-ProtectTM) on one or both sides, in an environment with increased corrosive aggressiveness.

Application areas:

Roads and railway culverts
Underground passages
Hydrotechnical structures 
Relining of deteriorated structures
Ecological passages 

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Features and benefits

Fewer details, drawings and calculations database for standard application 

Possibility to assemble in temperatures below zero

Reduction in total time and cost of building a bridge or culvert 

Minimal equipment and labour requirements

High life time cause of high-grade corrosion protection

Light steel shell and natural backfilling create environment friendly solution


UltraCor product catalouge (English)

The newst generation of flexible steel structures.

UltraCor product catalouge (English)

The newst generation of flexible steel structures.


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