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Fireproof tanks

One of the most important parts in the construction of buildings is a proper fire protection system. Viacon offers a complete line of turn-key fire protection water tanks and accessories. 

Fire water tanks produced of pipes HelCor are used for storage of water, to be used in case of fire. Fire tanks can be equipped with different types of pumps or a suction system. 

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Firewater tanks are designed as horizontal underground structure Depending on the selected place, firewater reservoirs can be installed in green zone, under roadway or inside the building. Fire tanks can be manufactured according to the customer’s request by installing pumps, pressure or suction pipeline.  

Thanks to the unique design of the tanks, installation is simple and does not require additional materials to protect from direct loads. Firewater tanks can be made up to 4.0 m in diameter, length -unlimited.

Application areas:

Logistic centers

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Features and benefits

Our products are low weight hence easy to ship and install

Minimal equipment and labour requirements 

Installation does not require additional material costs 

It is not necessary to install a load distribution plate above the tanks 

Thanks to our own production can we customise our products 

By taking care of the water in the right way, it can be used again


UltraCor product catalouge (English)

The newst generation of flexible steel structures.

UltraCor product catalouge (English)

The newst generation of flexible steel structures.


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