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LMBV Hoyerswerda – Discharge reservoir Speicher Burghammer – Kleine Spree

The Challenge

From a certain span width manufacturers of MultiPlate structures recommend to preshape the soil. Preshaping means, a certain area of the prepared soil taken out. Thus an optimum posi-tioning of bottom plates is guaranteed, and more important, the space on either side of the bot-tom half of the pipe is completely filled with soil.

So done for this project: Preshaping was made with a wooden moulding device. The MultiPlate structure serves as a road crossing of a waterway, which is part of the discharge between Burghammer and Kleine Spree.

  • Profile MB 33
  • Corrugation 200mm x 55mm
  • Span width 10,02m
  • Rise 5,36m
  • Length 23,00m
  • Plate thickness 7,00mm
  • Corrosion protection Hot-dip galvanizing plus plastic coating