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Hamco MP200flange®

Hamco MP200flange® is a further product extension of the Hamco MP200 familiy whose applications are described by inaccessible and complex construction situations.

To be able to grant the usability according to the application and benefit simultaneously the enormous performance of the corrugation 200×55, more small-format sheets are used having two flanges orienting to the inside of the profile.

By means of these sheets the complete assembly from inside of all profil es of Hamco MP200flange® is granted.
With the combination of the three sheets types with three different positions of the flange each all available cross-sections and the span-rise-ranges of the classic Hamco MP200 are possible with Hamco MP200flange®

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Load bearing capacity

During the development of the new corrugated steel product ‚Hamco MP200flange®‘ the view of the load bearing capacity of the flange joints has been focused.

The several months Iong study has been intensively accompanied by Hamco experts in cooperation with a charged engineering office. The scientific investigations like e. g. a load-bearing test of a pipe arch profil eand numerous lab tests confirm the performance of Hamco MP200flange®.

The results of these investigations and tests as well as the high-quality materials using for Hamco corrugated steeI products are the basis to fulfill the statical design of the usual requirements for corrugated steel products.

Application areas:

Large bridges and tunnels
Road or rail underpasses
Stockpile tunnels

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Features and benefits

Fewer details and calculation for application 


Minimal equipment and labour requirements

Small planning and building costs

Cheap and easy to transport to remote areas

High life time cause of high-grade corrosion protection

Light steel shell and natural backfilling create environment friendly solution



Catalogue outlining MP and LP products, specifications, applications and profiles

UltraCor product catalouge (English)

The newst generation of flexible steel structures.


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