Stadt Bochum – Neugestaltung Wittener Straße/Rampe Lohring – Herstellen einer Rad- und Radwegunterführung

Die Herausforderung

Here the task was to reconstruct the existing concrete square section of an abandoned railway line with HAMCO corrugated steel pipes to be subsequently used as pedestrian and bike underpass. The existing track system was removed in the area where the corrugated steel pipe had to be installed in order to make a foundation of sand and gravel suitable for this type of construction. The normal procedure for the reconstruction of existing underpasses, the pipes is retracted ring by ring, was not accomplished here. Instead the corrugated steel pipe was composed plate by plate within the existing bridge body.

For reasons of time, the space remaining between corrugated steel pipe and concrete bridge was filled and compacted prior to the removal of the old concrete plate. Up to three fourth of the profile height the space was filled with soil material (gravel/sand). Since an efficient filling of the remaining space with soil material was not given due to inadequate remaining height, aggregates were utilized. For
reasons of time and to protect the corrugated steel pipe during the removal works of the concrete plate filling of the remaining space could not be renounced. Assembly of the corrugated steel pipe was carried out without impairment of the traffic crossing above.

  • Profile WA 13
  • Corrugation 200mm x 55 mm
  • Span width 5,09m
  • Height 4,80m
  • Length 47,35mm
  • Plate thickness 5,50mm
  • Corrosion protection hot-dip galvanizing plus coating