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Watertanks- New product of Viacon Hamco GmbH

Watertank Rhede

Profile: DN3400 Trenchcoat
Plate thickness: 3,50mm
Length: ~35,00m
Volume: ca. 300m³
Sections: 3 Stück
Height of cover: 1,20m
Location: Gewerbegebiet D-46414 Rhede

HelCor retention-, rain-, and quench watertanks manufactured from thin-walled corrugated steel pipes with a diameter up to 3,60m. These flexible tanksystems are especially suited under consideration of close quarters. and offering a huge field of application due to their trafficability. The following pictures showing a 300 m³ HelCor®– firefighting watertank in the middle of a commercial area next to a storehouse of a well known furniture manfacturer. The assembly was finished within 2 days with our own assembly team – subsequent to the assembly the construction company could start the earth works immediately.